Why is ClickPrize an innovative solution for issuing small incentives?

In the past, there has never been an effective solution for issuing ad-hoc, one-off small incentives under US$1 in value. The cost of issuing these incentives was often higher than the incentive itself.

ClickPrize solves the problem of issuing ad-hoc, one-off small incentives, by letting recipients win meaningful prizes. At the same time, the digital nature of the product is able to keep the costs low. Allowing businesses to organise small incentives with absolute ease, saves 90% of the admin time and hassle.

Why are ClickPrize Scratch Cards a great idea for small incentives?

There are a lot of advantages:

  • It's ad-hoc, participants do not expect to accumulate the incentives.
  • It's real time, participants know if they win, they will get their prize immediately.
  • It's simple and transparent.

Is there a setup fee or monthly fee for using ClickPrize?

No, ClickPrize is pay per use. There are no setup fees and no ongoing monthly fees. Businesses only need to pay for the number of digital cratch cards they purchase.

Is there a minimum order of ClickPrize Scratch Cards?

Yes, the minimum order is 100 scratch cards. The scratch card credits are not refundable, but they never expire. Businesses can always retain their credits for future use.

What are some examples of use-cases?

ClickPrize can help business dramatically in their drive towards their business goals, for example:
"Register your email"
"Complete a survey"
"Review this product"
"Download our app"
"Purchase this particular product"

Do I need to pay for the prize if my customer wins the top prize?

No. You only pay for the cost per scratch card. Even if multiple customers of yours win the top (~USD$400) prize you do not need to pay anything more. The prize money is paid for from the cost per scratch card aggregated across many clients.

Does ClickPrize require a lottery permit?

The ClickPrize digital scratch card game is is a game of skill, therefore it does not require a lottery permit. Participants need to time their click correctly in order to win a prize. And participants can preview the current sequence number before playing. Using strategy and skill when playing the game is the key to winning a prize.

How do I purchase scratch cards?

You can purchase digital scratch cards by credit card, EFT or BPay. Please note that purchased scratch card credits do not expire. Purchased scratch card credits are non-refundable.

Can the scratch cards I purchased be sent to different countries?

Yes, ClickPrize currently supports 6 countries: Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Singapore. You can send digital scratch cards to anyone who lives in those countries. If one of your overseas participants scratches a winning number, they will be asked which country they are from and they will receive their prize as a digital eGift Card that can be used in their country.


What are ClickPrize Instant Scratch Cards?

ClickPrize is an online digital scratch card game. When you click on your digital scratch card, you will receive a sequence number. Each time someone scratches their scratch card, the sequence number goes up by one. For example, if the last person to click on their scratch card received sequence number 20269, then the next participant to scratch will get 20270, and after that 20271, and so on.

How are the winners determined?

  1. If the sequence number you scratched has a zero at the end, you get another free scratch card so you can play again.
  2. If the sequence number you scratched has two zeros at the end, you get third prize.
  3. If the sequence number you scratched has three zeros at the end, you get second prize.
  4. If the sequence number you scratched has four zeros at the end, you get the first prize.

How does the hint work?

The hint button will give you the most recent sequence number scratched. For example, if the hint shows number 20271, the very next participant to scratch their digital scratch card will get sequence number 20272.

How much time do I have to play the game?

You have plenty of time to play the game, so you can take your time in deciding when to click. Your game entry is valid for up to 2 years. The game is running continuously.

Can I play with multiple entries?

Yes you can. Multiple entries allow you to get multiple hints, allow you to better time your clicks, and use strategy to help you get closer to a winning sequence number.

When will the game stop?

The ClickPrize Scratch Card game doesn't stop. Each sequence number has 5 digits. It starts at 11111 and finishes at 99999. When the number 99999 is scratched, the next sequence number starts again from 11111. The game keeps going and people keep winning. Prizes are awarded instantly.

Who are the winners?

See the winner's list here.

How can I manage multiple ClickPrize scratch cards?

It's really up to you, however one way is to copy and paste the links into a Word or Excel file or other document. This will help you to keep track of which entry links you have played already, and you can devise a strategy based on using hints and timing your clicks.

If I'm a winner, how is my prize delivered?

If you're an instant winner your prize will be delivered to you as an eGift Card sent to your email address.